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As a brand manufacturer and leather expert, at STILORD we are here to tell you everything you need to know about leather care. For any questions you have about your leather bag, we have created this guide just for you, so that your new bag stays more beautiful than ever. One of the most important tips for caring for your leather bag is waterproofing it. Treatment with colourless waterproof sprays is a great way to protect it from any moisture and dirt - whether it is smooth leather or suede.

Important tips when waterproofing:

spray-can leathercare

Applying it evenly:

It is important to waterproof the entire leather surface as evenly as possible.

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Allowing it time:

Leave the waterproofed leather bag slightly standing so that the agent is completely absorbed. Only then can you achieve the desired water-repellent effect. Say goodbye to unpleasant water stains!

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Ensuring it is clean:

Make sure you remove any coarse dirt before waterproofing.

Waterproofing your leather bag not only protects it against rain, but also against sunlight. Waterproofing can prevent the bag from fading caused by UV rays. This way, the colour of the bag will last even longer - Insider tip - Grease is not just for cleaning!

If individual areas of your leather bag start to become dry, and therefore, brittle over time due to intense wear, we also recommend using a leather grease, which you can buy either online or in pharmacies. Using a soft cloth helps to apply the leather grease gently and helps to optimally clean and nourish your leather bag.

This combined with waterproofing gives your bag an effective and all-round protection.

Genuine leather needs good care. That’s why we recommend our colourless leather balm with beeswax, which is perfect for all smooth leather products. It acts as a cleaning agent for accessories such as bags, belts, boots and shoes; as a care agent for car seats, leather steering wheels and motorcycle clothing; as a polish for furniture and leather sofas, as well as for treating leather clothing, leather trousers and leather jackets.

The STILORD Universal leather wax is a true all-rounder for all leather products that deserve the best care! Treat your bag regularly with this product to protect, waterproof and to keep the material soft. You can also find mild leather cleaners for suede in specialist stores, which comes as a spray or foam.

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Enough theory – Here’s how to clean your leather bag:

Theory is no use without practice. There are a few tricks that you should pay close attention to when cleaning your leather bag.

Experience has shown that it is always best to follow the instructions on the packaging and apply the respective agent carefully in a small and discreet area (e.g. at the bottom of the bag) to avoid unwanted darkening or other changes in colour. You should follow this advice both when greasing and when waterproofing.

How should you clean and care for real leather? Here are some useful tips!

  • Waterproofing: This is the first and most important step and recommended by brand manufacturer STILORD! You can findspecial sprays for suede and smooth leather in specialist stores
  • Leather balm with beeswax: It’s cheap, widely available, and very versatile - it’s our secret tip for smooth leather!
  • For coarse dirt: Gently remove dirt and stains with a soft brush and, if necessary, a little water
  • Suede can be demanding: Be careful with fats and soaps - if possible, only clean with special brushes
  • Be mindful with soaps: Too much acid damages the leather - please be careful!
  • Allow enough time to dry: Preferably in the fresh air
  • Practical tip: Apply any leather care slowly, gently, and start in a discreet place

Trust the experts: Nobody knows our bags as well as we do. From the design, to the type of leather used, to special care instructions - if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to advise you - before or after you have purchased your bag!

EXCURSION: Do you already know the STILORD Universal Leather Care Set for all types of leather?

With the STILORD leather care set you protect, waterproof and clean your high-quality leather products. Bags, shoes, furniture and upholstery shine in new splendor.

Dirt on your boots, water stains on your handbag or faded sofa? Our universal set offers all-round care for all types of leather such as nubuck, aniline, suede, suede rough and smooth leather.

Our leather care set consists of:


Sanding pad ATTENTION!
only suitable for suede leather

First, carefully roughen the suede with the abrasive pad and remove deep-seated dirt. This frees the pores of the leather from dirt particles so that the care ingredients can be better absorbed. Omit this step for smooth leather!/

Schwamm & Leder Reiniger

Sponge & Leather
Cleaner 125 ml

The STILORD Leather Cleaner is ideal for genuine leather. The colorless foam removes dirt, cleans and refreshes any color. Important: Apply foam only to sponge and distribute evenly from seam to seam on the leather. Allow to dry overnight.

Leder Imprägnier Spray

Leather waterproofing
Spray 200 ml

STILORD Waterproofing Spray is a colorless protection for all types of leather: Real leather becomes water-repellent through treatment with the spray. The protective layer acts against UV rays, moisture and prevents scratches & dirt. For this purpose, the cleaned leather from a distance of about 40 cm evenly wet with spray and allow to dry.

Important tips for Waterproofing:

spray-can leathercare

For the care, cleaning and waterproofing of high quality leather products such as leather bags, car seats, leather couch, motorcycle clothing, leather jackets, shoes, saddle and steering wheel.

spray-can leathercare

Thanks to the high-quality ingredients waterproofing spray and cleaner foam smell pleasant and discreet, are absorbed quickly and do not stain

spray-can leathercare

Leather care set consisting of sanding pad, cleaner 125 ml incl. cleaning sponge and waterproofing spray 200 ml | colorless, water-repellent and UV protection | universal care suitable for all types of leather, e.g. nubuck, aniline, suede, suede rough and smooth leather

A product of Lederzentrum GmbH - manufactured for STILORD GmbH

With the right product, leather care couldn’t be easier. You can order our leather care products online now!

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